Message from the Provincial Council - June 2020

June 01, 2020

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

Dear Marists of Champagnat,

In the name of our Marist USA Provincial Council, we write to join our voices and hearts with those of so many in our great country who are angered and outraged by the brutal killing of George Floyd. His death follows countless other acts of lethal violence against people of color in our nation. Those who perpetrate these senseless atrocities must be brought to justice.

We join our prayers with those of his family, friends and our fellow citizens who mourn his tragic and unnecessary loss. But more than prayer is required here. As Catholics and Marists, we respect the sanctity of all life. We are all brothers and sisters. By the way we live and act, we must bear witness to this belief. We condemn any actions that are not in line with gospel values.

As educators and evangelizers, we are entrusted with the lives of generation after generation of young people. Let us teach them mutual respect, tolerance, and love. Let us also be an example to each of them as we journey together to build a better world.

As a Council, we stand in solidarity with all who rightfully protest the death of George Floyd and seek justice and reform. We pray that they may do so in a peaceful and constructive manner. We join our hearts and actions with those of our fellow Marists, young and older, who are standing up for the dignity and rights of all our brothers and sisters. We cannot, however, support the violence occurring currently throughout our nation.

Let us also remember our civic elected leaders; may they be given the strength, vision and courage to lead our country through this time of crisis. We also recall in prayer those in law enforcement who are working justly to keep the peace.

Today is the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church. May we unite our hearts and minds with this woman of faith, Our Good Mother, who was so precious to St. Marcellin. May we as Marists of Champagnat continue to place the gospel at the center of our lives, thus making Jesus Christ known and loved throughout our world.


Brothers Patrick McNamara, Dan O’Riordan, Robert Clark, Hank Hammer, Owen Ormsby, Albert Rivera, and Sean Sammon

USA Marist Brothers Provincial Council