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The Marist Brothers are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all children who interact with it's members and are involved in it's ministries. We have put in place clear standards of conduct for all members as well as procedures for investigating and reporting any allegations of abuse or misconduct to the appropriate civil authorities.

The policies and procedures implemented by the Marist Brothers are accredited by Praesidium, Inc., a national organization that works with religious and other institutions to establish and maintain rigorous standards for protecting children and vulnerable adults. Praesidium provides consultation, risk management, assessment, policy development, and training materials for use in preventing sexual misconduct and responding to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Our province maintains Praesidium accreditation through periodic audits by independent auditors and ongoing training for each member to establish awareness, prevention and proper response to allegations of sexual misconduct per Praesidium’s accreditation standards.

In addition, we conduct thorough background checks of all new members to identify any past behavior that might suggest future misconduct.

We encourage anyone who has been abused by a member of the Marist Brothers to contact the appropriate authorities, regardless of when the alleged abuse occurred. We recognize that abuse of any kind causes lasting pain and damage for the abused and their families as well as the larger Catholic and Marist communities. We continue to offer compassion, prayers and support for all survivors of abuse and strive to make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

Victim Response Coordinator

Br. John Kachinksy
Marist Brothers Provincial Office
70-20 Juno Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375