November 25, 2023
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From November 19th-22nd, Bogotá, Colombia, was the venue for the Meeting of the Institute’s juridical structures, bringing together the 10 members of the juridical entities Gier and Fraters, who were accompanied by Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General.

The purpose of the juridical structures is to support the administrative units in the different situations of governance, leadership, management and sustainability, in addition to paying special attention to the new processes that are emerging and to the contexts that present greater difficulties for the development of the mission, in such a way that the administrative management can be strengthened in line with the Marist charism.

The participants in the meeting were: Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General; Brother Jorge Gaio, Econome General; Brother Goyo Linacero, General Administration; Brother Xavi Gine, Hermitage Province; Brother Robert Thunus, West Central Europe; Brother Brian Poulin, United States; Brother Patrick McNamara, General House; Brother Juan Miguel Anaya, Mediterranea Province; Brother Libardo Garzón,  Norandina Province; June Cruz, Brasil Centro-Sul; Jorge Barba, México Central.

In November, the General Council approved the constitutions and statutes of the Corporation “GIER International” and the Association “Fraters Maristen Internationaal” (Marist Brothers International).