Marists of Champagnat Christmas Gathering in Brownsville, TX

December 06, 2023
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Down in a town named Brownsville, a family gathered and a house (of hospitality) was transformed into a home. The Marists of Champagnat had scheduled to gather on Monday (Dec 4) to mark the beginning of the Advent season - but those who attended laid witness to Christ already born in their hearts and relationships. In all, 25 people - Brothers, Marists of Champagnat, and even prospective new members filled the House of Hospitality, bringing a dish or a beverage to share, along with their amiable company.

The planned night of prayer and fellowship truly felt and looked like your family's typical holiday party. The kitchen table quickly filled with delicious food and drinks. There was much joy to see old friends who had left St. Joseph Academy 'return home' to be with us again. And new faces were introduced and welcomed home with open arms.

Advent was not totally forgotten, though. Mary Beth Martin led a fantastic prayer experience. With lights lowered, the group focused on the theme of Jesus as Light of the World. Each person took a small electric votive candle with a word written such as 'healing,' 'peace,' and 'trust.' During the reflection, many shared how the random word on their candle was exactly what they needed at this time, as the Spirit was at work. By the end of the prayer, the room was brighter from the collective glow of votive candles and the love shared by this group.