An Update from Maggie Pfeffer, our USA Marist Volunteer in Colombia

March 05, 2023
Article 9

Things have been wonderful! I'm teaching/helping with English in 3 different sites and each has it's own flavor. I feel so fortunate to have the ability to be a part of all these different projects and schools. I'm definitely gaining infinite respect for teachers as I'm learning how demanding it is - and all the more rewarding, but it's no joke haha. This is the part that's been the hardest as speaking English doesn't of course equate with being able to teach it effectively so I'm doing my best to learn strategies and ensure I'm doing the best job I can. There are moments when I don't feel so confident, but that's ok, part of the journey! The teachers are SUPER gracious and helpful in supporting me support them which I feel very thankful for. The students, while of course have challenges - as all humans do, are really wonderful and welcoming to me and my lacking spanish in their classrooms :) I am DEFINITELY learning far more than I'm teaching, but I do think everyone is liking the presentations/classes (from the feedback they're sharing with me).

And I have been dancing! I went once with Carolina, a wonderful woman and now close friend who works at the house, and once with Russ this weekend in Medellin! It was so fun and awesome, I didn't know he was still here in Colombia when I made the plans to go visit the Brothers in Medellin but coincidentally he is there and so we went to an amazing place outside Medellin with a massive rock you climb and beautiful lakes - called Guatape - and then went dancing :) I got to know the Brothers and Novices there and we explored a very cool museum and parts of Medellin together. I also met the daughter of Eduardo, who is the solidarity coordinator here that I work closely with.

For Easter I'll be going to Quito - can't believe it's so soon! And will hopefully be able to visit Maicaio, the project on the border with Venezuela, in the beginning of May.

The Brothers here in Bogota are as wonderful as ever :) I feel so happy living here with them and everyone else in the community.