Dear Friends,

About a month ago, Br. Michael, director of a Marist Brothers’ retirement facility, called me about repaving the home’s ¼-mile driveway and adjacent parking lot. Apparently, last winter’s nor’easter blasts, with freezing and thawing in-between, caused even more damage to the already crumbling pavement. Br. Michael described “gaping potholes and buckled blacktop.”

We were hoping to get in one more year before needing to redo the pavement. Mother Nature had other plans!

The cost to repair and repave everything came to $16,438 – funds we didn’t have at the ready. But after careful thought, I gave the project a green light. Now, with all the work finally done, there’s a hefty invoice sitting on my desk. Your gift to help support this project will be such a blessing!

I just didn’t have the heart to leave everything in such ill repair. Many of our more agile elderly Brothers walk up and down the driveway for a little exercise. Even Brothers with a walker or cane sometimes stretch their legs with what we call a “driveway stroll.”

Pretty clever when you think about it! Up and down the driveway is a half-mile round trip. The Brothers’ doctors and physical therapists love this idea. But all the potholes and cracked pavement had created a tripping hazard. For safety sake, we needed to either “smooth out” the problem or put a stop to “driveway strolls.”

As for the parking lot, visitors and delivery truck drivers were having a heck of a time maneuvering around the potholes. When I learned about the blacktop’s hazardous condition, I was concerned that someone’s vehicle might be seriously damaged.

Your support will be so appreciated. Whatever you can comfortably afford – whether a gift of $15 or $25 – will be an enormous help!

I know $16,438 is a lot of money – but the job did require quite a bit of work and materials. The paving team had to remove what was left of our old driveway and parking lot. Then they had to dig down, level the driveway and parking lot, spread a base layer of gravel, level everything again, and finally apply two coats of blacktop. I get exhausted just talking about the project!

I hope you agree that all our repaving was the only safe and prudent decision – for vehicles and Brothers alike. I pray you’ll show your support with a gift. Your generosity will mean so much!

And, yes, every gift matters! Think of the two nickels traveling with my letter. The coins alone only come to 10¢. Now imagine adding many more nickels and watching the total grow. In the same way, if every Marist Brothers’ friend sends a gift, the support adds up. Soon we’ll have the $16,438 needed to cover our repairing and repaving project!

When your gift arrives, the Brothers and I will want to do something special to show our deep appreciation for your kindness. So please, remember to write your prayer intentions on the enclosed response slip and return it with your gift. We will thank God for your support and include your prayer intentions in our prayers for you and your loved ones.

Before signing off, I want to wish you a wonderful summer. Do you have plans with family this summer? I always visit a few Marist Brothers’ retirement facilities during the warmer months. I’ll be sure to give the Brothers your best wishes!

God bless you for caring,

Br. Hugh P. Turley, F.M.S.
Director of Development