The Marcellin Guild, inaugurated in 1994, is a circle within the Marist Family of those who have included the Marist Brothers in their will or estate plan. In a special way Marcellin Guild members share in the prayers and good works of the Brothers.

Through their thoughtful planning, Marcellin Guild members are helping to secure the mission of the Marist Brothers in the future: to bring Christian education to young people, especially those who are most neglected.

If you are interested in information about the Marcellin Guild and opportunities for making a planned gift, please write or call the Provincial Development Office, 4200 West 115th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60655, (773) 881-5343, and request our current, complimentary, booklet on wills and other planned gifts.

Ms. Mary Anne Bellwoar

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bettini

Mr. Gregory F. Boyle

Ms. Margaret A. Brand

Mrs. Alfred R. Brazen

Ms. Patricia A. Brilli

Mrs. Rita Carey

Mr. Robert Carey

Mr. Robert J. Casale

Mrs. Maureen Castine

Rev. Edmund P. Charest

Mr. Clinton A. Cobb

Mr. George M. Conboy

Mr. Thomas G. Connors

Mr. Jeffrey Cull

Mr. John C. Daly

Mr. John H. Deasy

Ms. Carol A. Dever

Mr. Joseph F. Discepolo

Mr. William F. Donahue

Mrs. Adrienne M. Donnelly

Mrs. Rita C. Donnelly

Msgr. Edward P. Doran, Ph.D.

Major Arthur G. Eichler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Feddeck

Mr. Pierce J. Fitzgerald

Ms. Nancy S. Fortino

Ms. Pauline Gaffney

Mr. and Mrs. G. Patrick Gallagher

Mr. Charles H. Gallant

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan L. Haggerty

Mr. Mark R. Hopkinson

Mr. and Mrs. William I. James

Mrs. J. David Kammer

Dr. and Mrs. Alexis I. Kaznoff

Mrs. Patrick J. Keilty

Mr. and Mrs. Donal M. Kelleher

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. LaChance

Mr. Joseph P. Lambert

Mrs. Joan Lanning

Mrs. Barbara LaPietra

Miss Margaret A. Lazzaro

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Limongelli

Mr. William J. Loschert

Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. Lyden

Ms. Frances R. Lyon

Mrs. Edward J. Lyons

Mr. Harold F. Malone, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh

Rev. David L. Martin

Mrs. Linda McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Mercier

Mr. Edward C. Mesco

Mr. Bernard D. Miskiv

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Mulcare

Mr. Kenneth Murrin

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Neidert

Mrs. Alberta P. Neidt

Mr. Joseph O’Connor

Mr. Hugh D. O’Rourke

Msgr. Eugene S. Ostrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Paris

Ms. Patricia Parma

Mr. and Mrs. John Perring-Mulligan

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Pisano

Mr. Casimir Podlaski

Ms. June Pollack

Mr. Ted Prenting

Mr. Robert S. Reeder

Mr. and Mrs. Paul X. Rinn

Mrs. Claire Roy

Ms. Ritajean Schmidt

Mr. Anthony Sills

Dr. Stephen T. Slack

Ms. Madeleine Soudee

Ms. Mary Strauch

Mr. Frank Sutton

Mr. William B. Van Riper, III

Mr. John H. Vanier, Jr.

Mr. George R. Whisler

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wilcox