The program aims to enhance the educational services offered by St Marcellin School in Giasnogor to ensure access to secondary education for children from the communities who live in the tea plantations and implement programs to improve the health of the area’s population.

74% of the families living in the tea plantation are below the poverty line, earning a very low income from the tea cultivation activity and in a situation of marginalization and exploitation. Even children are often engaged in the work.

The District has a network of primary schools, but secondary schools are very few compared to the high number of children in school-age in the area. Furthermore, due to the poverty of families and the great distance of the schools from the villages, it is very difficult for these children to attend school.

Through the project, we want to expand the hosting facilities for students at St. Marcellin School and organize a transport service from the villages to guarantee the attendance of children living in remote areas for a total of 350 students per year.

The school is also the reference point for the training of local teachers: 50 teachers from the school and other schools in the area will be trained on children’s rights and teaching children at risk of school dropout.

We are implementing also two programs for the prevention of major diseases and to improve the nutritional diet of the local population.