Br. George Kopper, FMS

Brother George Kopper

Died: February 17, 2010

George had command of what he was teaching, understood the abilities and the capabilities of the students he had before him, and was a master of the science, art and craft of teaching. He was also a brother who was committed to his vocation, his community, and to his faith.

George took me under his wing those first few years. He coached me. He mentored me. He inspired me to be “a teacher.” He challenged me to get beyond the covers of my textbooks, beyond the publisher’s lesson plans, and beyond the approved and orthodox teaching methods I had studied so well in my “teacher training courses.”

Teaching and learning went hand in hand for our brother George. The world around us was a classroom and life’s lessons were not some distant theory. We are always students…always learners…and our success depended not in thinking we have all the answers of life, but in becoming comfortable with the questions of life. A struggle though it was, it was a truth he held and lived his entire life.

– Br. Dominic Pujia, F.M.S.