Br. Emil Denworth, FMS

Brother Emil Denworth

Died: February 18, 2013

Emil, you told me ‘No Eulogy’! Well, I would usually tell you I am going to give one anyway, or just pick a song from your music collection to play to irritate you. I can already see the look on your face and know what I would hear for those ideas. This evening, I believe you are looking down on me right now and even I am not going to tempt fate. Instead, I am going to talk about a friend and the experiences we shared.

Growing up in Philadelphia, you described St. Clements Episcopal Church as a place which surrounded you with love and protection; “You belong to St. Clements and St. Clements belongs to you”

You learned to dance at their Youth Organization party’s. Now that would be a video I would love to see! You also went to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in New York City on an acolyte festival and which over time became your second St. Clements. Your journey through life was like the operas and symphonies you loved: Filled with majesty & tragedy and all the drama in between. You even managed to convince me to go to an opera and gave me all the etiquette rules. I went to ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ at the MET. After two hours of sitting still and not making a sound, I rejoiced when the lights went on so I could get home and yell at you for the torture you put me through. Only to discover it was the intermission and I still had 2 hours to go.

Living and working with you at Central gave me the opportunity to get to know you and despite our almost complete opposite interests, we became friends. You accepted my request to be my Assistant Principal for Academics while you were on your second novitiate in Italy and quickly became my “watchdog” Loyal, Protective, Hard-working, reliable and with a loud ‘Bark’

You allowed me learn my job, spend time on what I needed to, and most importantly keep my sanity. For that, I will always be grateful. At home, you faithfully watched “Are You Being Served” and could repeat the dialogue word for word. Despite the fact they were reruns; you still laughed and enjoyed talking about the different characters. You would regularly sit with Conan Vincent on the front porch enjoying his stories and wonderful sense of humor. We all dreaded getting your name for the community Christmas gift because it meant trying to find a store that sold the specific opera/symphony CD’s you wanted. This was before Amazon came into existence. During the summers it was off to the peaceful beauty of Cape May.

You liked being at home and a regular routine. Yet I know your life was not this simple and easy. Like all of us, you ‘wanted to feel needed’ in the places you went. In the cards and letters you sent me these past few years, you would tell me what you were doing and how things were going. You seemed peaceful and content. Perhaps I saw a little of that young boy from St. Clements. I pray that in your life’s journey “You felt you belonged to us and we belonged to you”

Your two hopes were: Marcellin, the Blessed Mother and your mother would “welcome you” “May God embrace me and call me by name” Let me know how you enjoyed the hugs and celebration!

Good bye my friend. While I will never be a fan of opera, the majesty, tragedy and all the drama I experienced with you will remain wonderful memories.

– Br. Rick Carey, F.M.S.

1937 Born on August 17 to Emile Fink and May Denworth
1963-65 St. Joseph Novitiate, Tyngsboro MA, Novice
1964 Reception of the Habit on August 15 in Tyngsboro MA
1965 Profession of First Vows on August 15 in Tyngsboro
1965-66 Marist College, Poughkeepsie NY, Scholastic
1966-71 Central Catholic High School, Lawrence MA, Teacher
1970 Profession of Perpetual Vows on May 17 in Tyngsboro
1967 Marist College, Bachelor of Arts in Latin
1971 Master of Arts in History, Salem College
1971-73 St. Joseph High School, Trumbull CT, Teacher
1973-79 Mount St. Michael Academy, Bronx NY, Teacher
1979-83 St. Agnes Boys High School, New York NY, Teacher
1983-90 Xavier High School, New York NY, Assistant Principal
1991 Fordham University, Permanent Certification in School Administration
1991-91 Second Novitiate, Nemi, Italy, Second Novitiate
1991-99 Central Catholic High School, Lawrence MA, Assistant Principal
1999-06 St. Agnes Boys High School, New York NY, Principal
2006 Retired
2013 Died at Champagnat Hall on February 18th